FitLife Club Network - Program Guidelines

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Fitness-to-Go Guidelines 

Members are entitled to use the same services at the club they are visiting for which they have paid at their home club. This means if your membership does not include a particular amenity, such as tennis or racquetball, at your home club (or if your home club does not have courts), you may not use that amenity at the club you are visiting. Advance court reservations are not accepted from visiting members. 

Please note: the Fitness-to-Go reciprocity program is designed to benefit the member who travels occasionally on business or vacation. It is not intended for students living away from home, members who move temporarily or long-distance commuters. Abuse of the program is grounds for termination from the club. 

Club Staff: Any owner or staff member of a FitLife member club is entitled to use other clubs in the Network according to the same rules described above for club members. Visits and idea-sharing are encouraged with clubs more than seven miles from a staff person�s home club. 

*Certain clubs in destination travel areas charge a minimal guest fee for usage. See the Fitlife Club Directory for details.